Important Information

As some of you may have noticed, we have not had any classes posted. We have decided, to close our business. May 31st was officially our last day in business. We finished out all contracts and final events at the school and have shut the doors for good. Why?

Unfortunately, as grocery prices continue to rise, the cost to operate our business is more expensive than ever. As business owners, we feel it is irrational to pass this cost on to the consumer in a business that is simply optional and/or a luxury. We have also been quiet about the harassment, vandalism and threats made towards our family, about our child themed business. We have been accused of not providing equally amongst all ages of children, not supporting low income families, not catering to vegan & organic only options, etc.. We never knew how ugly people really could be. Running a small business is hard work especially with critics around every corner.

With that painfully said, we will forever be grateful for the support we have had from our customers. We have made some amazing friends and with that, comes sadness. Our children are absolutely heart-broken with our decision to close our business. While they're not sad to have to be our dishwashers, food samplers, and free laborers, they fear losing the friends they have made while attending the cooking school.

So, please, continue to cook with your children. Cooking is a lifelong skill that is rarely learned these days. Please wave, honk, or greet us when you see us around town. Please call or text our business line or Kat's cell phone (505)793-5544 if you need anything. We are looking forward to a summer of relaxation and quality time with our family.



Thank you so much for being so patient with my Autistic daughter. She had a blast!

Apr 25, 2023

I love how it looked inside. It was so pretty and big. The teacher was very nice and kitchen equipment was really clean. The cupcakes and cookie dough were DELICIOUS! I'm going to make them at home.

Apr 25, 2023

O loved the class! We will be back!

Apr 25, 2023